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products-framesFrames – Eyez Optometry has a wide range of frames including rimless, semi-rimless, metals and bold geometric plastic frames. Super-trendy or highly functional, just name it! We’ve got it A to Z.

* We love our frames coming from the best of both worlds though.
products-framesLenses – Eyez Optometry offers different types and brands such as Hoya, Pentex, Essilor, Sola and many more for our choosy but knowledgeable customers’ preferences. Lenses come in many terms of qualities and performances, with a choice ranging from single vision to progressive lenses.

* Customers want Vanilla, We give Vanilla.
products-sunglassesSunglasses – Whether it’s out in the sun or in for the trend, Eyez Optometry carries over 50 popular brands of sunglasses. Needless to say, the array of collection covers many popular designs and colours. Customers can be sure to find the particular demand of the style and be much confident that all the sunglasses have met the minimal quantity of UV protection.

* And of course minimal quality of style.
products-contact-lensesContact Lenses – Contact lenses are comfortable and affordable alternatives to wearing spectacles. With the wide collection of brands of contact lenses that Eyez Optometry (M) Sdn Bhd carry, customers can be sure to find THAT particular contact lens. Eyez Optometry offers a wide range of contact lenses from soft types to Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP). These include Disposables for Daily, 2-weekly and Monthly wear, soft toric for high astigmatism correction, latest silicone hydrogel lenses and cosmetic colour contact lenses.

* Just how much more confusing can it get?
New Contact Lens in TownCheck Out this New Contact Lens in Town – This is Miru, the revolutionary new contact lens from Japan, was also the new product in town. Eyez Optometry was proud to be one of the first in Malaysia to offer you the Easy-to-use Miru contact lenses.

Just peel open the unique flat pack, and a lens is born. Miru takes its name from the Japanese word for "seeing," and from the time you open your eyes each morning, until you close them again at night, it brings beauty into focus every day of the year.
products-solutionsSolutions – Solutions to clean, condition, disinfect and enhance initial lens wettability are importantly important (a pun) to promote comfort of all types of contact lenses are also available at our outlet. At Eyez Optometry, our professionals will recommend the appropriate products and procedures to personal and lenses needs based upon the initial tear chemistry and lens wearing schedules.

* Hygiene lens = Healthy eyes. Important!
products-kids-teensKids & Teens – Eyez Optometry has the perfect glasses for every kid or teens. We all want our children to be able to see what the teacher writes and no matter how active they are in the playground, we have their eyes covered. Therefore, we offer the largest selection of attractive kids & teens eyewear. We also prescribe and dispense special lenses called Myopia Control Lenses which are designed to control myopia in children (Short-sighted).

* Sharp vision and proper diet are important to smart children.
products-eye-testEye Test Services – Regular eye tests are vital to ensure optimum visual performance and the early detection of eye problems. Eyez Optometry has qualified Optometrists and Opticians who are able to provide eye examinations including visual acuity and refraction, binocular vision (how the eyes work together), intra and extraocular health and contact lens consultations.

* Vision is life. Love your vision, love your life.
Adrian Marwitz